Data Schema

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Information in a member's Personal Data Store (PDS) is stored as a series of datasets. There are two basic types of datasets Metadata and Transactional.

A Metadata Dataset might, for example, represent information pertaining to the member's driver's licence, passport or house. A member can also have multiple instances of a dataset. For instance, a member may have a second instance of the 'Bank Account' dataset containing details of a second bank account.

A Transactional Dataset While some datasets change infrequently like the ones listed above, other datasets are updated constantly. Examples include browser history, bank transactions, and the call records in your mobile bill. These are referred to as Transactional Datasets. The distinctions between an API call made to a regular Dataset and a Transactional Dataset are given in the Connection API table.

Control over access 🔗︎ click to copy

Each member has control over how Subscriber organisations and services access their datasets through a Data Sharing Agreement then creates the rules for the secure connection.

Only the datasets included in the Data Sharing Agreement can be accessed either for delivery of data or collection of data. As part of the Data Sharing Agreement a Subscriber organisation or services declares the specific use cases for the data and makes a GDPR declaration.

Only the member can approve a data sharing agreement.

Subscriber organisations can set up data sharing agreements via our connection manager application by requesting a dedicated connection unique to their service.

Name Dataset Name Description Environment Type
Assurance Log ds_assurance_log Logs all assurance records. Production Transactional
Bank Account ds_bank_account Details of a member's bank account Production Metadata
Bank Account Transactions ds_bank_account_transactions Bank account transactions Production Transactional
Birth Details ds_birth Data relating to a members date & place of birth Production Metadata
Blood Glucose Log ds_blood_glucose_log Blood Glucose Log Data Production Transactional
Blood Pressure Log ds_blood_pressure_log Blood Pressure Data Production Transactional
Body Temperature Log ds_body_temperature_log Body Temperature Log Data Production Transactional
Bookmarks ds_bookmarks User bookmarks Production Transactional
Browsing History ds_browsing_history User browsing history Production Transactional
Cervical Mucus Log ds_cervical_mucus_log Cervical Mucus Log Data Production Transactional
Cervical Position Log ds_cervical_position_log Cervical Mucus Log Data Production Transactional
Community Profile ds_community_profile Details of a member's community profile. Production Metadata
Connection Variables ds_connection_variables Connection Variable data. Production Transactional
Credentials ds_credentials Details of the member's credentials (passwords) and associated details. Production Transactional
Credit Card Transactions ds_cc_transactions Credit card transactions Production Transactional
Credit Card ds_credit_card Details of the member's credit cards. Production Metadata
Device App Settings ds_device_app_settings Table for storing device app setting variables. Production Transactional
Device Log ds_device_log Device Log data. Production Transactional
Device Record ds_device_record Records of devices. Production Transactional
Driving Licence ds_driving_licence Data relating to a members driving licence Production Metadata
Education ds_education Data relating to a members education history Production Metadata
Employer ds_employment Details of each employer. Production Metadata
Energy Consumption ds_energy_consumption Stores detailed level energy consumption at watts Production Transactional
Energy Consumption Aggregated ds_energy_consumption_aggregated Stores energy consumption summary data as kWh Production Transactional
Events ds_events Events Production Transactional
Health ds_health High-level health and GP details. Production Metadata
Health and Social Care Records ds_hscr Health and Social Care Records Production Transactional
Home ds_home Data relating to a members home Production Metadata
Identity Protocol Settings ds_identity_protocol_settings Stores Identity protocol settings. Production Transactional
Identity Services ds_identity_services_log Identity Services Log Production Transactional
Intentions ds_intentions Intentions Production Metadata
Invites ds_invites Invites Production Transactional
Journal ds_journal Journal Production Transactional
Journeys ds_journeys Journey data Production Transactional
Local Authority ds_local_authority Data relating to a members Local Authority Production Metadata
Location Data ds_location_data Location data from devices. Production Transactional
Loyalty Scheme ds_loyalty_scheme Loyalty scheme data Production Transactional
Measurements Log ds_measurements_log Measurement Log Data Production Transactional
National Insurance ds_ni Data relating to a members National Insurance details Production Metadata
Notepad ds_notepad Notes made by a member. Production Metadata
Nutrition Consumption Log ds_nutrition_consumption_log Nutrition Consumption Log Data Production Transactional
Nutrition Log ds_nutrition_log Nutrition Log Data Production Transactional
Oxygen Saturation Log ds_oxygen_saturation_log Oxygen Saturation Log Data Production Transactional
Passport ds_passport Data relating to a members passport details Production Metadata
Personal details ds_personal_details Data relating to a members personal details Production Metadata
Profiles ds_profiles Stores profiles that a member has created Production Transactional
Profiles Preferences ds_profiles_preferences Preferences Production Transactional
Questions and Answers ds_questions_answers Question & Answer Data Record Production Transactional
Referrals ds_referrals Referrals Production Transactional
Referrals Log ds_referrals_log A record of all referrals made on behalf of the member (citizen) to service providers by other servi Production Transactional
Telephone Calls and SMS ds_utility_tel_calls Telephone calls Production Transactional
Travel Card ds_travel Details of travel arrangements. Production Metadata
TV Licence ds_tv_licence Television licence details. Production Metadata
Utility Account Details ds_utility Data relating to a members utilities accounts Production Metadata
Utility Billing Records ds_utility_billing Utility billing Production Transactional
Utility Data Usage ds_utility_data_usage Data usage Production Transactional
Utility Meter Reading ds_utility_meter_readings Utility meter readings Production Transactional
Variables ds_variables Table for storing variables. Production Transactional
Voluntary ds_voluntary Details of voluntary activities. Production Metadata
Workout Log ds_workout_log Workout Log Data Production Transactional

New Datasets 🔗︎ click to copy

New datasets to cover new use-cases are constantly being added to the platform. These start out on the Sandbox environment at before graduating to the live platform at

If there's a dataset you want to see added, please make a PDS Data Set Request using the email address on our support page.

For support please contact us via our support page.