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Information Flow

What can I do with the Mydex API Services?

Attribute Exchange Services

  • Invite individuals to have a Mydex personal data store and connect it to their records within my Subscribing organisation as a value adding service.
  • Send data to an individual's Mydex Personal Data Store (PDS) with their permission but without their intervention.
  • Secure access to verified data from an individual's Mydex PDS with their consent but without their intervention.
  • Keep my records about an individual up to date and get notified when any changes occur.
  • Develop an application that runs on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or within a website that can access personal data from a Mydex member.

Identity Services

  • Verify that a Mydex member is who they say they are.
  • Use Mydex Identity Services to replace my own username and password management services.
  • Add support for the MydexID into my sign in options on my website

The Getting Started Tutorial

Try the tutorial to get to grips with the basics of the Mydex Connection API.

Getting Started

Register for your API Key

Register for a developer account to obtain an API key and start using the platform.

Register for your API key

Connection API Overview

Understand the key concepts needed to be productive with the API.

Connection API Overview

Identity Provider API Overview

Read an overview of the Identity Provider API.

Identity Provider API Overview