Registration Services

Registration is straightforward. You can integrate it into your own applications and create the core experience yourself so it is seamlessly integrated into your application.

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To register and individual only needs to

See example of a registration form:

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As part of the registration process we also set up the individual's Personal Data Store (PDS), which is their own vault for their personal information they chose to collect and store. As part of the set up they asked to create a Private Key.

The Private Key is something only they will know, it is how they access the PDS itself and control who can send or collect data from.

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Unlike the password for their MydexID, Mydex cannot reset or recover the private key as it is only known to the individual.

Once they have completed the set up they will be presented with a data sharing agreement which acts as their informed consent to link their MydexID to your service. To approve the data sharing agreement they sign it with their Private Key.

See an example of a data sharing agreement presented to the individual to approve:

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As soon as they approve this they are returned to your own application journey so they can continue as an authenticated user connected to your service.

If the individual already has a MydexID, They will simply login and approve the data sharing agreement for the first time they connect to your service.

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