Dataset: Blood Pressure Log

Dataset name: ds_blood_pressure_log


Blood Pressure Data

Fields in this dataset

Name Field Name Description Field Type Field Example
Measurement Timestamp End blood_pressure_timestamp_end End time and date of blood pressure measurement int 1648633780
Measurement Timestamp Start blood_pressure_timestamp_start Start time and date of blood pressure measurement int 1648633780
Body Position body_position Code defining the body position int 1
Body Position Description body_position_description Position of body during measurement varachar Standing
Diastolic diastolic The diastolic measurement in mmHg floating point 75.7
ID id The machine name for a record. Internal to PDS and Mydex int 1
Measurement Group measurement_group The top level group activity belongs to varchar Activity
Measurement Log ID measurement_id The key that links to Measurement Log int 1
Measurement Location measurement_location Code defing the location on the body where pressure reading taken int 1
Measurement Location Description measurement_location_description Description of the location on the body where pressure reading taken varchar Left Wrist
Created Timestamp record_created_timestamp Date record added to PDS int 1648633780
Updated Timestamp record_updated_timestamp Date record updated in the PDS int 1648633780
Source Device Type source_device_type States the type of source device varchar PDA
Source ID source_id The unique ID of source of the data varchar 3621-29756
Source Instance source_instance The instance of the source type int Google Account 1
Source Name source_name The Name given to source varchar Google Fit
Systolic systolic The systolic measurement in mmHg floating point 120.7

Making an API request for this Dataset

Example Request to the Sandbox Server

Replace the following with your own details: UID KEY, API_KEY, CON_ID and instance N.

Replace sbx-api with api when making a connection to a real member on the production server (must be authenticated).

To return the data in XML, change UID.json to UID.xml.

Example Response

A response to this API request will be structured as follows.

  "1": {
    "id": "1",
    "ds_id": "1",
    "blood_pressure_timestamp_end": "1648633780",
    "blood_pressure_timestamp_start": "1648633780",
    "body_position": "1",
    "body_position_description": "Standing",
    "diastolic": "75.7",
    "measurement_group": "Activity",
    "measurement_id": "1",
    "measurement_location": "1",
    "measurement_location_description": "Left Wrist",
    "record_created_timestamp": "1648633780",
    "record_updated_timestamp": "1648633780",
    "source_device_type": "PDA",
    "source_id": "3621-29756",
    "source_instance": "Google Account 1",
    "source_name": "Google Fit",
    "systolic": "120.7"