Dataset: Energy Consumption Aggregated

Dataset name: ds_energy_consumption_aggregated


Stores energy consumption summary data as kWh

Fields in this dataset

Name Field Name Description Field Type Field Example
Created Timestamp created_timestamp Timestamp of when record was created in PDS int 1641909333
Energy Account energy_account_instance The energy account this data is linked to int 8
Home ID field_energy_homeid The HomeID where the device is located int 1
Reading timestamp field_energy_reading_timestamp The data and time for a specific reading int 1648633780
Reading Value field_energy_reading_value The data for a specific reading int 1123.25
Source ID field_energy_source_index_id unique identifier for the source device text 1
Source Name field_energy_source_name A human meaning ful label for the source device text Kettle
Source Type field_energy_source_type Source Device text CAD
Updated Timestamp updated_timestamp Timestamp of when record was last updated in PDS int 1641909333

Making an API request for this Dataset

Example Request to the Sandbox Server

Replace the following with your own details: UID KEY, API_KEY, CON_ID and instance N.

Replace sbx-api with api when making a connection to a real member on the production server (must be authenticated).

To return the data in XML, change UID.json to UID.xml.

Example Response

A response to this API request will be structured as follows.

  "null": {
    "id": "null",
    "ds_id": "null",
    "created_timestamp": "1641909333",
    "energy_account_instance": "8",
    "field_energy_homeid": "1",
    "field_energy_reading_timestamp": "1648633780",
    "field_energy_reading_value": "1123.25",
    "field_energy_source_index_id": "1",
    "field_energy_source_name": "Kettle",
    "field_energy_source_type": "CAD",
    "updated_timestamp": "1641909333"