Dataset: Profiles Preferences

Dataset name: ds_profiles_preferences



Fields in this dataset

Name Field Name Description Field Type Field Example
Profiles Preferences ID id The primary identifier for this record. serial
Profiles Preferences Instance instance The instance this item relates to. int
Persona Name persona_name Name of Persona this preference is associated with. varchar
Preference Content preference_content Preference Content. blob
Preference Created Timestamp preference_created_timestamp Preference Created Timestamp. int
Preference Name preference_name Name for this preference. varchar
Preference Updated Timestamp preference_updated_timestamp Preference Updated Timestamp. int
Profiles Preferences Source source The source of the data - user or connection. varchar

Making an API request for this Dataset

Example Request to the Sandbox Server

Replace the following with your own details: UID KEY, API_KEY, CON_ID and instance N.

Replace sbx-api with api when making a connection to a real member on the production server (must be authenticated).

To return the data in XML, change UID.json to UID.xml.

Example Response

A response to this API request will be structured as follows.

  "": {
    "id": null,
    "ds_id": null,
    "persona_name": null,
    "preference_content": null,
    "preference_created_timestamp": null,
    "preference_name": null,
    "preference_updated_timestamp": null