Dataset: Personal details

Dataset name: ds_personal_details


Data relating to a members personal details

Fields in this dataset

Name Field Name Description Field Type Field Example
Gender at Birth field_gender_birth The members gender at birth text Female
Email Address field_personal_email_address The member's primary email address text
Race Ethnicity field_personal_ethnicity The members ethnicity text White-Scottish
Family Name field_personal_faname The member's surname text Jones
First Name field_personal_fname The member's first name text Catherine
Gender field_personal_gender The member's gender text Female
Home Phone field_personal_home_phone The member's home telephone number text 01234 123456
Maiden Name field_personal_maname The member's surname text Jones
Marital Status field_personal_marital_status The member's marital status text Married
Middle Name field_personal_mname The middle name of the member text Anne
Mobile Phone field_personal_mobile_phone The member's mobile telephone number text 07654 321098
Nickname field_personal_nickname The member's first name text Catherine
No of Children field_personal_number_children The number of children the member has number 2
Pronouns field_personal_pronouns The members pronouns text She/Her
Suffix field_personal_suffix The member's surname text Jones
Title field_personal_title The member's preferred prefix title text Mr
Work Phone field_personal_work_phone The member's work telephone number text (44) 1357 246802

Making an API request for this Dataset

Example Request to the Sandbox Server

Replace the following with your own details: UID KEY, API_KEY and CON_ID.

Replace sbx-api with api when making a connection to a real member on the production server (must be authenticated).

To return the data in XML, change UID.json to UID.xml.

Example Response

A response to this API request will be structured as follows.

The connection's read/write permissions are listed for each field. All instances of an accessible dataset are indexed with instance_N notation from N=0.

  "1": {
    "id": "1",
    "field_gender_birth": "Female",
    "field_personal_email_address": "",
    "field_personal_ethnicity": "White-Scottish",
    "field_personal_faname": "Jones",
    "field_personal_fname": "Catherine",
    "field_personal_gender": "Female",
    "field_personal_home_phone": "01234 123456",
    "field_personal_maname": "Jones",
    "field_personal_marital_status": "Married",
    "field_personal_mname": "Anne",
    "field_personal_mobile_phone": "07654 321098",
    "field_personal_nickname": "Catherine",
    "field_personal_number_children": "2",
    "field_personal_pronouns": "She/Her",
    "field_personal_suffix": "Jones",
    "field_personal_title": "Mr",
    "field_personal_work_phone": "(44) 1357 246802"