Personal Data Store

This is a simple guide to how a Personal Data Store works and what you can do with it. It’s personal to you and it is under your control at all times.

How your Personal Data Store Service Works 🔗︎ click to copy

Your personal data store is a secure data vault stored in the cloud and hosted by Mydex CIC for you in the United Kingdom. We back it up on a regular basis and ensure your data is always protected and available.

Only you can access it directly and approve data to be stored in it.

You access it via this web application which is accessible from any internet connected device using a web browser.

The layout of your Personal Data Store adjusts automatically to the type of device you are using and how you use it.

You simply login and then use your private key to unlock access to the data in your personal data store.

You can

  • enter data directly into your Personal Data Store yourself.
  • approve other Subscribing organisations and apps to deliver data to your personal data store for safekeeping and your own personal use.
  • approve the sharing of personal data from your personal data store with Subscribing organisations and apps in order to save you time and effort of having to fill out forms or repeat yourself.

You are in control of what you share with whom and what they are allowed to use your personal data for. You can change your mind at any time, you are in control at all times.

What can I do with my Personal Data Store 🔗︎ click to copy

It has been designed for simplicity and ease of use. It is there to help you access your personal data and keep it safe and secure. Think of it like a vault or safety deposit box you can look into, deposit things into and get things out of when and where you need to.

Store Data - You can store a wide range of personal data about yourself and your life. There are over 40 different categories e.g. National Insurance Number, Driving Licence, Passport Details, Passwords and important information you want to keep secure.

Under those 40 categories you can store over 400 specific pieces of information. We are constantly expanding what can be stored.

Access Data - Once it data is in your personal data store you can access it anytime from anywhere so long as you are on the internet with a web browser on any device.

Search - You can search your personal data store to help you find the data you either want to access, add or update.

Profile and Preferences - You can manage your profile and preferences in how the PDs works for you.

Password Management - You can change your password at anytime and you can ask for a password reset

Private Key Management - You can change your private key at any time. It is this that unlocks your personal data store and only you know what it is. Mydex does not know what it is and cannot help you recover your Private Key so you need to keep a record of it for yourself. It is the only thing you MUST remember.

Email Management - We hold a single email address linked to your MydexID and PDS, you can change this at any time. You do not need it to login but you will need it if you want to request a password reset.

Data Sharing Management - This is where you can view any approved data sharing agreements and the details of the Subscribing organisation or app. It explains what data is being shared and for what purpose. You can disable a connection at anytime, you are in control.

Data Export - You can export some or all of the data you store in your personal data store at any time in what is called a machine readable format so that it can be uploaded or viewed by other tools you may wish to use.

Activity Log - This provides you with a basic history of when you login and logout of your Personal Data Store.