Getting a dedicated connection

Once you move to developing your own connection and service you will need a dedicated connection to the Mydex PDS API, which will only be available to you and will include just the datasets and permissions you need. Here is a checklist of things you will need to send to us in order for your connection to be set up.

  1. The Organisation name - the legal entity that has signed up to the terms for connections

  2. The contact person within the organisation making the request with an email address and phone number

  3. Which environment/s the connection request is for Sandbox / Production

  4. Which datasets and attributes you wish to have access to in the PDS API connection. Please select them from the data schema LINK

  5. The permissions you want on each dataset and attribute (read/write or both for each attribute or the whole dataset)

  6. Provide a description of your use case for the data being requested and the permissions required. This will appear in the connection request and data sharing agreement

  7. Declaration that the use case conforms to the data protection act and GDPR in relation to data minimisation, lawful processing and informed consent

  8. Connection Name - The name you want to appear in the connection record

  9. Connection Logo (square dimensions, min 180x180px)

  10. Connection Short Description (appears on Connection overview pages) Provide a description of your use case for the data being requested and the permissions required

  11. Connection Long Description - longer version of short description

  12. Callback URL to receive responses from Mydex PDS API

Send this information to the developer support email address (

What we will send you

This connection will not appear in the list of available connections until added via your service. This information combined with your developer key will enable you to: