Introduction to the PDS API

Almost every interaction with the Mydex platform involves accessing or updating data in a Personal Data Store (hereafter referred to as a PDS). As a developer, you can accomplish this by sending data along a secure connection between a Mydex member's PDS and your application via an API request.

The following section outlines the necessary steps for a developer, new to the Mydex platform services, to get going:

The first thing you need to do is create an account via our Connection Manager so you can access our developer Sandbox environment.

  1. Register and create your account. This includes setting up your very own MydexID and Personal Data Store on our live service which is free for life.
  2. Login to the Connection Manager.
  3. Request your own Dedicated Connection to The Sandbox. This will cover the datasets you initially want to experiment with that are relevant to your objectives. You will set out your specific use cases and make a GDPR declaration.
  4. Get your API key to access our developer environment we call the Sandbox.

Once we advise you that your Dedicated Connection is set up you will be able to:

  1. Use your own API key to experiment with the Mydex API services for driving:
    • Registration and PDS provisioning.
    • Making a first time connection between a Personal Data Store and your own service.
  2. Use the Mydex Developer Helper to help you understand:
    • what data is available within our Personal Data Store Master Schema;
    • what data types, what fields and what, if any, validation rules that apply;
    • what, at a specific personal data store level, is available within that PDS.
  3. Test sending data from your service to the personal data store.
  4. Test collecting data from a personal data store using one or more of the datasets contained within the your dedicated connection.
  5. Perform processing on collected data to meet your needs.

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