Our Services

Mydex's core social purpose is to empower individuals.

We believe in the digital self, equipped with digital human rights.

We equip our members to exist in the online world with a trusted identity. We provide members with the tools and services to operate with the rest of society on their own terms.

We provide our members with a secure storage area and service so they can manage their personal data their way, from any aspect of their life. They key elements of this service are:

Instead of giving up their data to comparison websites, they allow them make use of it to deliver the service or answer the member wants.

It’s their personal private space, online, available from anywhere, anytime - The most private and secure place in the world for their life history to reside, and always under their control.

In the future this may be stored anywhere they choose, it can exist in multiple places, be switched off from the internet at any time and will always be portable and available to them.

Their data, Their way.