Dataset: Developer Namespace

Dataset name: field_ds_developer_namespace


The Developer Namespace dataset allows developers to save custom serialised JSON data to a connection. Any data can be stored inside this namespace, as long as it is valid JSON.

This feature could be used to store Application or Connection state data; data that is not currently supported in the Master Schema. This means developers can 'simulate' storing data against a dataset that is not yet available in the <%= company_name%> Master Schema. If you would like a dataset to be included in the Master Schema, please submit a request using the Dataset Request Form.

The data stored in this dataset is not presented to the end user.

There is no linked field functionality between the master schema and the namespace; this will have to be handled by the developer.

Each developer’s namespace data is stored separately from each other, based on the developer’s API key. This means that a developer cannot access another developer’s namespace data.

Fields in this dataset

Name Machine Name Description Field Type Field Example
Developer Namespace field_dn_serialised_json Any serialised JSON value text { "example" : "json", "data" : { "something" : "json" } }

Making an API request for this Dataset

Example Request to the Sandbox Server

Replace the following with your own credentials: UID KEY, API_KEY, and CON_ID. To return the data in XML, change 123.json to 123.xml. More information on making requests with the Connection API is provided under the Connection API Details.

Example Response

An array containing one value will be returned, which contains your saved JSON data: