Application API parameters

Parameter Name Description Example Values
key The 32 character key shared between yourself and the user 6nD1a7EATbP7ewmZCpNkxzzyMvuIKqQQ, mZCpNkxzzyMvuIKqQQ6nD1a7EATbP7ew
source_type The type of entity that you are connection, mydex
con_id The con_id is a shared id between a connection and a user. If source_type is connection then you must provide the connection id 68-123, 3453-1242, 2-12312
dataset The dataset name that you want to retrieve content from field_ds_personal_details, field_ds_local_authority+field_ds_birth, field_ds_driving_licence+field_ds_ni
Response type Here you can specify the API response format type json, xml