Simulated Connections Dashboard


The concept of Personal Data Stores, digital letterboxes and the idea that verified information can flow seamlessly from an organisation to an individual in a form and manner that adds value to the individuals life is hard to convey in words sometimes. We know we discuss it all the time, it is transformative. An idea so simple, so secure but so different it can cause confusion.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. We have taken that idea and applied it to demonstrating what it feels like for individuals to join the Mydex Platform, get a personal data store and MydexID, and have data delivered to it seamlessly easily and directly with no technical challenges, no logging in and delivering immediate and enduring value.

We call them the simulated connections and they are designed to deliver three benefits:

  • To bring it alive as a customer journey for connecting orgainisations so they can see how it might work for them. They control the customer experience during the entire process either from being logged into an existing account or via an email invitation with a unique one time connection code sent to a verified email address or mobile number held on their customers account.
  • To support awareness and testing with their customers to get feedback. There is nothing like asking customers and starting with their needs. This is a transformative approach in convenience, the concept of a digital letterbox so simple and easy to use.
  • To help those people who will build the customer journey or experience and connect to the Mydex platform to see how it works and look at the example code in these situations. All of the simulation code is available with no charge on an open license from github.

All the simulations connect to our free sandbox development and testing environment. You can follow the end to end journey and see what it is like to get information delivered seamlessly in the background with no effort at all. It saves money, it saves time, it adds value, it demostrates commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience.

We have something for everyone from all types of sectors: public, private and third sector. The data in a lot of cases is similar but the transactions vary. By trying out multiple connections, you can see a person's life build up seamlessly and that 360 degree view emerge as a by product of normal life.

You can watch a video demonstration of the Z9 Siumulation below.



Z9 Mobile

A leading mobile phone provider that pushes account details and calls/SMS history to your pds.


Conch Card

A touch payment travel card for a metropolitan transport service. Pushes account details and journey history.


Challenger Bank

A bank supplying online banking services for a personal account. This delivers account information and transaction history.


Oxcam University

Fictional University that delivers details about the institution, student and course information to a PDS.



A government office that administers passports to its citizens. This connection exports passport information to a PDS.



A government office that monitors the road users in it's society. This connection pushes driver's licence information and vehicle registration details.


Fair Credit

A credit card company that provides a copy of account information and transaction history.


E9 Energy

An energy provider that supplies gas and electricity to its customers. This connection supplies account information, meter readings and billing history.


Honey Card

A supermarket loyalty scheme where customers get points when they make a purchase. The account information and transaction history can be pushed to a pds.


Data SP

An internet service provider that sends account information, billing history and data usage to a pds.


Coming Soon

More connections are being developed and will be added here when they are ready.