Working with the PDS Sandbox

Mydex offers a completely sandboxed environment ( to test applications before they run on production. This is where you can create your own sandboxed PDS and test your application. You can make API calls to the accompanying API server at

If you have not already done so, you should register for a developer account to be issued an API key.

The next few steps will show you how to set up a PDS on the Sandbox to test out the PDS API.

Setting up a Sandbox PDS

  1. Go to the Sandbox and sign up for a Personal Data Store. Please note that you will need to use a valid email address as this will be required during the account activation process.
  2. Fill in as much or as little of the PDS on the Sandbox as you want, but please do not enter any real data on the sandbox environment. This demonstration will require that you have at least entered some artificial information on the basic "personal details" section, including a first name.
  3. Make sure that you press "Save" once you have entered these details on the Sandbox account.

Updating a sandbox PDS

Making the PDS available to the Developer Test Connection

With a developer API key and a PDS on the sandbox, the next stage is to enable a connection between the two using the PDS API.

For early-stage development and testing purposes, you can use a Developer Test Connection. This connection has all access permissions enabled for API requests. To enable this connection:

  1. When signed into your PDS on the sandbox, navigate to the Connections section.
  2. Click on the "Manage connections" tab.
  3. Click the "Add Connection" button next to the "Mydex Developer Test Connection"
  4. Expand the 'Permissions' section.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit".

If you decide to add more datasets to the PDS after you have activated the Developer Test Connection, the new datasets will not be accessible via an API request until the above steps are repeated and the datasets that you wish to be accessible have been added to the Developer Test Connection.

Permissioning your Connection

Now you are ready to try making an example Connection API request to the PDS, to see for yourself how it works.

Your first API Request