Almost every interaction with the Mydex platform involves accessing or updating data in a Personal Data Store (hereafter referred to as a PDS). As a developer, you can accomplish this by sending data along a secure connection between a Mydex member's PDS and your application via an API request.

The following section outlines the necessary steps for a starting developer to register for an API key and make some API requests to a set of artificial test data:

  1. Register for a developer account to get an API key
  2. Create a dummy Mydex Member account on the Sandbox server
  3. Add fake data to the dummy account
  4. Activate a developer test connection to the dummy account
  5. Make some test API requests to read from the dummy's PDS

A Sneak Peek Ahead

What follows is an example of the syntax you would use to interact with the Connection API to interact with data in a real member's PDS.

In this example, we have made a request for this particular member's home address. An API call such as this to a member's PDS will return all instances of the desired dataset, represented in JSON.

The syntax of this request and what is returned will be covered in greater detail in the following sections.

Register for your Developer Account & API Key

You can register for your developer account by clicking the link below.

Register for your developer account

After you have registered an account, you will be issued with an API key.

Your API key and developer account details are private information which should not be shared with anyone else.

Once you have registered for a developer account, you are ready to set up a dummy account on the Sandbox server.

The Sandbox server