Linked Fields

Within the Master Schema there are a number of fields which are repeated throughout the members Personal Data Store.

Linked fields address the fact that individuals have multiple relationships with different organisations and present different aspects of themselves to those organisations. That is a normal part of daily life. Some of the information shared with those organisations or held by them is the same universally but on occasions some of what would be considered core personal profile information may be different for good reasons. Good examples of this are

There are other more fundamental data attributes such as date of birth, surname, first name and last name that may be considered to be universal but there are circumstances where such information may be different e.g. Stage Names used for professional actors as opposed to legal names.

The individual needs to be able to maintain these records accurately and easily and where and when they wish to ensure that when information changes that is common across two or more connections that they can change it once and notify everyone who is affected.

To achieve this we have created a feature within the personal data store of linked fields. This is a mapping of attributes across different datasets that are the same data attribute but which may need to hold different values for the context of a specific relationship e.g.

Critically it is the individual member who decides if these linked fields are automatically updated or done with their express approval when an event triggers a change.

To understand which fields (attributes) within the Master Schema that are classified as linked fields please refer to the table below.

Name Dataset Field
Surname field_ds_driving_licence field_dl_surname
field_ds_passport field_pp_surname
field_ds_personal_details field_personal_faname
Birth Town field_ds_birth field_birth_town
field_ds_passport field_pp_place_of_birth
Street field_ds_home field_home_street
field_ds_tv_licence field_tv_licence_street
field_ds_utility field_utility_billing_street
Town field_ds_home field_home_town
field_ds_tv_licence field_tv_licence_town
field_ds_utility field_utility_billing_town
County field_ds_home field_home_county
field_ds_tv_licence field_tv_licence_county
field_ds_utility field_utility_billing_county
Postcode field_ds_home field_home_postcode
field_ds_tv_licence field_tv_licence_postcode
field_ds_utility field_utility_billing_postcode
Country field_ds_home field_home_country
field_ds_tv_licence field_tv_licence_country
field_ds_utility field_utility_billing_country
Nationality field_ds_passport field_pp_nationality
field_ds_birth field_pp_nationality
Sex field_ds_personal_details field_personal_gender
field_ds_passport field_pp_sex
Date of Birth field_ds_driving_licence field_dl_dob
field_ds_passport field_pp_dob
field_ds_birth field_birth_dob